Growth Mindset

In this section you can find out more about our Growth Mindset journey. We have been exploring the work of Carol Dweck, Guy Claxton and Shirley Clarke and have reflected on how our own mindsets can impact learning.

We have modelled this reflection process with our pupils and are open about our own learning experiences. It is important that we all know that learning never stops and are aware of the emotions that go alongside the experience of learning. To do this we have looked at James Nottingham’s ‘Learning Pit’. We have also focused on our perception of making mistakes and how actually mistakes are a valuable part of the learning process – if we learn from them.

We have explored the power of praise and we are trying to give praise that encourages effort and that is linked to different learning strategies and ‘learning powers’ which help us all to become better learners.

Below are some more videos we have shared in assembly and links where you can find out more about Growth Mindset.

This is our information booklet for parents, where you can read more about our journey to cultivating a Growth Mindset Culture at Fox Covert Primary School. We hope you enjoy it.

Growth Mindset Parent Information