Primary 6/7

Welcome to Week 5, Primary 6/7!

I hope you have had a lovely long weekend and been enjoying the weather as best you can!

This will be the last week you will see your work on the school website as Primary 6 and 7 are moving to do all of their work on Teams! You will see that there are some new channels on the Teams page – some of which you can post on and some you cannot. I will write a short explanation for each channel on the Teams page at the top so you know what kind of thing you should be posting in each.

This will not begin until the 11th of May but make sure you know what to post and where so for this last week – post and ask questions as normal.

This is what you can expect for this short week as you lucky lot are getting another day off on Friday! :

  • A weekly grid (by 10am on Tuesday morning) which will include 4 tasks from a variety of curriculum areas. You should complete one of these per school day.
  • Literacy and Maths tasks will be set on Tuesday (by 10am on Tuesday morning) for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Ms Brown will also by providing a weekly Health & Wellbeing Grid (by 10am on Tuesday morning). Again one of these should be chosen each day.
  • There are also some Sustainability, STEM and Reading challenges for you to have a look at – upload photographs of you completing these for us to enjoy on Twitter!

Here is the Weekly Grid and supporting documents for the week beginning 04.05.20:

You will find a video on the Foxy TV Youtube page on how to complete the household audit accurately.

Here are the Literacy & Maths tasks and supporting documents for Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of May.