MONDAY 22nd JUNE 2020

Good morning everyone!

Well I can’t quite believe it but this is our last week! The activities for this week are a wee bit different to normal and give you the opportunity to do some outdoor learning. Have a super week and remember I would love to see some photographs of you out and about!

MONDAY 15th JUNE 2020

Good Morning Primary 1/2

I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I know some of you planned on making smoothie’s so I hope you enjoyed them! I managed to go up to Corstorphine Hill on Friday afternoon and spotted a couple of the rainbows so that was really lovely to see.

The activities for this week are attached below. There are no hand-in tasks for this week. Have a great week everyone!

MONDAY 8th JUNE 2020

Good Morning Primary 1/2. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The work for this week is attached below along with the attachments needed to complete some of the tasks.

It’s also HEALTH WEEK this week! There will be a range of video’s on our YOU-TUBE channel for you to listen to and try out. On Wednesday it’s also virtual Sports Day! Mrs Brown has planned some fun filled activities for you to do at home. I’m looking forward to seeing how you all get on!

MONDAY 1st JUNE 2020

Good Morning Primary 1/2

Can you believe it’s the first of June! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the amazing weather over the last few days. What a treat it’s been to have all that sunshine.

Below is the home learning for this week along with the attachments that you will need for some of the activities.

Have a good week!

MONDAY 25th MAY 2020

I hope you are all refreshed after the weekend and are feeling energised and ready for a new week! All the documents you will need this week are attached below.

Have a good week and please email me with any pictures or questions you might have.

Have a good week!

Mrs McAlpine

TUESDAY 19th MAY 2020

Good Morning Primary 1/2!

Below are the activities for this week. For Literacy and Numeracy this week there are hand in tasks which are marked in red writing. It would be great if you could have a go at these and then send them to my email Don’t forget to take a look at the YouTube channel for some short videos explaining the learning tasks.

Enjoy your week!

Mrs McAlpine


Good morning! A short week this week but hopefully still full of fun activities! Enjoy your week.


Good morning everybody! I hope you have all had a good week so far. Here are the final jobs for the rest of the week.

MONDAY 27th April

Can you believe it’s the last week in April! How time flies! I hope you have fun carrying out these activities over the next few days. Keep up the hard work!


Here are the activities for the rest of the week. Have fun completing them!


Welcome back Primary 1/2!

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine over the last few days!


Can you believe it’s April already! Hope you are all having a good week! Here are your learning activities for the rest of the week.


Hello there Primary 1/2! Can you believe we are about to start our second week of home learning! I hope you have all been enjoying the activities planned for you. I thought I’d give you an update on my sunflower seed since it started to sprout a few days ago! Hopefully yours are all starting to grow too!

Good morning Primary 1/2!

 Each day please complete a Maths, Literacy, Health and Well-being and “Other” task.

The Maths and Literacy activities will be set for Monday and Tuesday (by 10am on a Monday morning) and for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (by 10am on a Wednesday morning). There is also a weekly grid for you to carry out over course of the week.

I hope you enjoy the learning activities I have planned for you this week!

We’re almost half way through the first week already! Keep up the hard work at home!