Fox Covert Early Years Centre

Fox Covert Early Years Centre

Fox Covert Early Years Centre provides play based learning for children aged 2-5 years. We are a multi-room Centre, providing free flow play for all children, incorporating both indoor and outdoor learning. The Centre takes its influence from theorists such as Froebel, Reggio Emilio and Montessori. These ideas encourage the application of natural materials both inside and outside the playrooms, ensuring our play resources match these themes. The Froebelian theory is a city-wide initiative, supporting the capacity of each child in a holistic way, valuing childhood in its own right. Children are viewed as active learners. These ideals align very closely with our ethos here in the Centre. We warmly welcome all families and embrace our community in partnership together.

Foyer Display

We are the largest Early Years Centre in Scotland, providing spaces for a maximum of 140 children aged between 3-5 years (70:70) and 30 children aged 2 years. (15:15). As the Centre offers free flow play this means that pre-school children can support our youngest learners, encouraging opportunities for peer mentoring to take place.

Over time, one of our ambitions is to establish our garden. We hope that this project will evolve this space into a more stimulating and exciting outdoor enabling environment for the children. We have initiated this by planting seeds with the children from all age groups and over time they will be able to care for their growing crops of fruits, vegetables and herbs and use these to help prepare healthy snacks in the nursery kitchen. These opportunities support learning about the importance of caring for our environment and creating a sustainable future. In order to make this project possible, we have had fantastic support from our parents and carers and are looking forward to putting our ideas into practice on our garden development Family Action Day.
We value working with extended family members in our Centre and constantly strive to consider planned opportunities to develop partnership and engagement in all areas of early learning and childcare.

Outdoor Learning

We meet with parents and carers bi-annually and share information about children’s progress during a short ‘Cuppa Chat.’ However, each child is allocated a ‘Keyworker’ on their admission to the Centre, so parents have a direct link with a named staff member to share any information or worries about their child.

We communicate with our families in variety of ways, including reporting on individual progress through e-learning journals, which can be accessed by each child’s parent online, our Weekly Bulletin, letters, communication on our foyer plasma screen and 6-weekly newsletters. Staff are always available to communicate with parents and are here to support all families to ensure each child in Scotland can grow up having the best start in life.

Bedtime stories

Fox Covert Early Years centre are delighted to launch our Book at Bedtime library. This initiative supports family opportunities within the Centre, to borrow books informally from our Early Years Centre as frequently as they like, to encourage reading, singing and sharing rhymes together. It is proven that sharing regular bedtime stories during quiet 1:1 time together at the end of the child’s day, can help to develop imagination and creativity and enhance language development.