World Book Day 2nd March 2017


Is there a better feeling in the world than snuggling up with your favourite book?

We don’t think so, so this year we are going to celebrate World Book Day by having a whole school snuggle day. Next Thursday 2nd March we invite all pupils who wish to, to come to school dressed in their cosiest pyjamas, bring their favourite soft toy reading companion and, if they have a copy, their favourite bed time story. Throughout the day we have planned a variety of activities that will help nurture and celebrate our pupils love of reading. We will read under torch light, share our favourite stories, hear the favourite bedtime stories from our teachers, drop everything and read when a special bell rings, create a whole school display, act out our favourite parts, make our own pop up books and so much more…

If any parents would like to come in and share their favourite bedtime story, please let the class teacher know or contact the school office Alternatively, we would love for you to help us spread the reading magic by sharing a picture of yourself with your favourite bedtime story on our Twitter @FoxCovertPS.


On this day each child will receive a £1 book token that they can redeemed at participating bookshops.

When you get your book token, all you need to do is to take it to your local bookseller (there’s lots of them out there – find your local participating bookshop here and swap it for one of the TEN (exclusive, new and completely free) World Book Day books!

carousel2-2Or, if you’d prefer, you can use your book token to get £1 off any full price book instead! . And if you’d rather get an audio book, that’s fine too! It’s your choice, just as long as the book or audio book costs at least £2.99

Then all YOU have to do is take your book home and enjoy it.

The World Book Day book tokens are valid from Monday 27 February–Sunday 26 March 2017.