First Minister’s Reading Challenge

 First Minister’s Reading Challenge

As part of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, Mrs Budge set all pupils  the challenge to take a photograph of themselves enjoying reading. This could be reading to their pet, with a good friend, under a bed, in the rain under an umbrella, sitting under a tree…

A big thanks to the pupils who have sent in photographs so far! We are loving seeing them so keep them coming!

Here’s a photo of Lily from P5 accepting the reading challenge. She’s reading one of her favourite places- in bed of course! Lily’s accompanied by her bedtime toys, Sleepy and Blue Bear.


Eilidh from P3/4 enjoying reading with her buddy Dylan…


Sandy from P3/4 reading a recipe. The banana loaf was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by his classmates!

Sam from P4czeccdnwqaahl02 reading to ‘Wild Boy’ to the ducks at Moness!

This is a challenge which has been set for all of the children if they wish to participate and not just P4-7. The children can choose to bring in a photograph of them reading, or it can be emailed to or share it with us on twitter @FoxCovertPS.