First Minister’s Reading Challenge

Ewan has taken up Mrs Budge’s reading challenge and has provided us with a lovely photograph of him reading in a great spot under the tree.


Jamie has also taken up the challenge and provided us with a really sweet photograph of him and his younger sister Jessica reading a Christmas story beside the Christmas tree. 


Thank you boys for taking part and sending us your photos.


P6 Fundraising

Our P6s are fundraising to raise £230 for their bus to Lagganlia in Primary 7.  Our Parent Council have very generously given us the remaining £600 towards the cost of the bus.  Some P6 pupils were responsible for providing refreshments on Wednesday and Thursday morning before our nativities along with Mrs Hindle and Mrs Kay.  They did a marvellous job and managed to raise a total of £111.62.  Huge thanks to everyone who donated!

First Minister’s Reading Challenge

 First Minister’s Reading Challenge

As part of the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, Mrs Budge set all pupils  the challenge to take a photograph of themselves enjoying reading. This could be reading to their pet, with a good friend, under a bed, in the rain under an umbrella, sitting under a tree…

A big thanks to the pupils who have sent in photographs so far! We are loving seeing them so keep them coming!

Here’s a photo of Lily from P5 accepting the reading challenge. She’s reading one of her favourite places- in bed of course! Lily’s accompanied by her bedtime toys, Sleepy and Blue Bear.


Eilidh from P3/4 enjoying reading with her buddy Dylan…


Sandy from P3/4 reading a recipe. The banana loaf was delicious and thoroughly enjoyed by his classmates!

Sam from P4czeccdnwqaahl02 reading to ‘Wild Boy’ to the ducks at Moness!

This is a challenge which has been set for all of the children if they wish to participate and not just P4-7. The children can choose to bring in a photograph of them reading, or it can be emailed to or share it with us on twitter @FoxCovertPS.

Children of the World

Our Primary 3 children gave an outstanding performance of “Children of the World” this morning for their parents and extended family members.  They performed so confidently and sang so beautifully.  It was a real priviledge to be there!  Well done P3!

A video featuring some photos of their performance is below.