Endeavour Awards


Yesterday we awarded 8 pupils, one from each class, with an Endeavour Award at our end of term assembly.  These pupils were all nominated for the Endeavour Award by their Class Teachers due to them working extremely hard to overcome obstacles either in their learning within the classroom or in their daily life, persevering and showing resilience with the challenges they face.  The medals that each child was given was very kindly organised by Ms Menzies, our PE Specialist, who does this every year.  The children were presented with their medals by Ms Menzies and Mrs Hardie, who left Fox Covert yesterday after 13 years in the school.

Congratulations and a huge well done to the following children:

P1 – Adam Roughsedge

P2 – Lara Hancock

P2/3 – James Brydon

P3 – Jackie Tomova

P4 – Charlie Kerr

P5 – Johnny Mason

P6 – Bryce Paterson

P7 – Daniel Smith

We are very proud of each and every one of you!


goodbye-good-luckWe very sadly said goodbye to Mrs Hardie, Miss Maclean and Ms Cooper yesterday.  We thank them for all of their hard work and dedication to our pupils and their families, and wish them all well for the future!

               Miss Maclean       Mrs Hardie          Miss Cooper

                Miss Maclean                                        Mrs Hardie                                     Ms Cooper